Client Testimonials

Leanne Chevalier

9 years ago, I had my 1st rib removed due to a condition known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. At the time, surgery was the only option to alleviate the numbness and pain down the left shoulder and arm. However, now I must deal with the muscular pain in the shoulder area caused by atrophy of the muscle that was cut away from the rib. I was destined to pain management (steroid and numbing) shots and medication to manage through the pain until I met Irmina. With Irmina's vast knowledge of the body's muscular system, she has eliminated the need for me to have pain management shots and greatly reduced the need to take medication for the pain. Irmina is extremely knowledgeable of the muscular system and is able to focus that attention where her clients needs are.


Years ago, I was a dedicated distance runner. Then I began to have hip flexor problems. No one knew what to do and I was forced to stop running. Eighteen years later, I met Irmina. She identified the problem and fixed it! Thanks to her, I'm running again. She is truly a miracle-worker.


I started with Irmina over 3 years ago after my shoulder surgery. She " turns me into a pretzel " every week. I have recovered full range of motion of my arm and have returned weekly since then for her magic to my arms, legs and back. I am much more flexible and mobile simply because of her.


Irmina is a true professional.  She is dedicated to expanding her skill set as evidenced by the many educational seminars she attends and shares with her clients.  Her communication skills with me allow her to provide exactly the massage experience I am looking for each and every time I see her.  She is able to relieve any ache or pain that I come to her with.  She is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with.


Irmina has changed my life. I have been coming to her regularly for two years now. Every single time she finds where I am keeping all the stresses of my life, packed away in my shoulders and thighs and back and, well, everywhere. She knows just where to look with her skilled hands and how to coax the tension out of my body so I can move onward and upward. In the time I have been her client I have discovered things about myself which I never knew, and I don't think it is a coincidence. Where the body goes the mind follows. I am so grateful to Irmina for guiding my body on a healing journey. She has been a gift from the heavens for me. I hope to continue to enjoy her (sometimes painful) but always wonderful therapeutic touch for many years to come.


My husband injured himself in the rough surf at the outer banks of north carolina. He was in bad pain on the long drive home. Following the advice of a friend, he made an appointment with Irmina. That was nearly two years ago! He has received massage from Irmina regularly ever since. His occupation of being a semi-driver for 40 years has given him pain and loss of flexibility. He makes his own appointments and keeps them! Irmina has fixed him!

Kris McGlaun

If you wake up with back pain, leg pain, or neck pain and want it to survive without needing to take all the medication, a massage does the trick.  The massages I get from Irmina has done away with these daily aches and pains.  I have had massages from around the world and have never found a massage therapist like Irmina who can find those twisted muscles and aching joints and make them disappear with her special touch.  Her massages have helped me survive life behind a computer.

Mirka Berkvam

Irmina is a wonderful, skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. Since I have been going to her for massages I do not have any more chronic back pain. She is a total gem.

Molly Delevett

I have a hereditary degenerative disc disease and have had several surgeries. I have found massage therapy to be of great benefit. I recently moved to Bloomington and feel very fortunate to have found Irmina. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable and professional therapist.

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