About Irmina Polit

About Irmina

My first experience with massage goes back to 1997 when Medical Massage was part of my Physical Therapy curriculum. Two years of Massage classes, combined with five years of anatomy, physiology, and  biomechanics classes helped me realize that my own hands and touch can be a powerful tool if used properly.

Throughout all my years during my Physical Therapy studies (1997-2002) I used massage as one of the main tools helping patients in hospitals and clinics to recover faster after injures or other conditions where physical therapy was advised. In 2002 I graduated from Academy of Physical Education in Krakow (Poland) successfully completing my Physical Therapy master degree.

Shortly after, I moved to London, where I studied one more year of Holistic Massage and graduated with International Certification by ITEC (an international examination board), in March of 2003 .

When I thought I would be heading back to Poland, my life took another turn and brought me to the United States(Bloomington, Indiana), in September of 2004. Being a professional is one of the main goals in my life and for that reason, I decided to become a US Nationally recognized massage therapist, even that time Indiana wasn't a state were it was required. I always love to go one step above expectations, so I graduated from Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics and become Nationally certified in October 2006 by, The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCTMB). I am also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

My motto is being a perfectionist in everything  I do which is why I am always improving my skills by attending massage conventions, or hands-on workshops. I believe having a physical therapist background and widening my services by obtaining certification  in different techniques ,works best at the overall improvement of quality of life and well-being of my clients.

I am confident the services offered by Therapeutic Touch will meet your expectations. Hope to see you soon.

Irmina Polit


Client Testimonial

9 years ago, I had my 1st rib removed due to a condition known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. At the time, surgery was the only option to alleviate the numbness and pain down the left shoulder and arm. However, now I must deal with the muscular pain in the shoulder area caused by atrophy of the muscle that was cut away from the rib. I was destined to pain management (steroid and numbing) shots and medication to manage through the pain until I met Irmina. With Irmina's vast knowledge of the body's muscular system, she has eliminated the need for me to have pain management shots and greatly reduced the need to take medication for the pain. Irmina is extremely knowledgeable of the muscular system and is able to focus that attention where her clients needs are.

Leanne Chevalier
Ellettsville, IN